Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where did the month go?

So, almost a month ago, Ashley and I walked in the March for Babies walk-a-thon in Austin. I had intended to post our pictures back then, but we were in the middle of our computer bru-ha-ha and didn't have our loaner yet. I really wanted to share because I was so amazed that my new friend Ashley would give up her Saturday to walk in honor of someone she had never met. Thank you, Ashley!

If you haven't heard the story yet, please visit this site to find out about Noah and Julie and their precious Magdalena. Ashley and I walked for Magdalena's Feet (their team) and had a great time on a beautiful day in downtown Austin. In the midst of the gorgeous day I was often moved to tears because there were so many people there representing so many precious little ones. It was really wonderful to be a part of something so big.

You can read about the Mississippi team's walk here. Thank you, Noah and Julie, for being so faithful and letting God use you in wonderful ways to reach so many!

Monday, June 1, 2009

More Important Things

I should have posted this last week, but we were in the throes of company and lots of special events, and since Aubrie can't read, I don't think she'll be offended! Our sweet third arrival had her third birthday last Monday on the 25th. Although we had already had her party, we still like to do something special on the actual day. (I'm infamous in my family for cramming in multiple b-day events and stretching out my birthday celebration for as long as possible. I even had a college friend explain to me that my b-day was not the same as Rashashana (sp?). I'm apparently passing this trait on to my sweet girls.) So, we were with Nanny at one of our favorite local restaurants, and they brought Aubrie a piece of cake and sang to her. She was very thrilled.

Aubrie is truly the one to keep me on my toes and remind me that I'm not as on top of things as I would like to think. The most recent episode occurred not too long ago, thankfully on a cool day. All three girls were outside playing, and I had just seen Aubrie go by. I stuck my head out a few minutes later just to check on them, and no Aubrie. Anywhere. So, we start calling. I'm pretty sure she hasn't taken off down the driveway because it's pretty long, and she would still be visible. We're on five flat acres so she should be pretty easy to spot. Right? Oh, how I wish. We call inside and out for what seemed like an eternity but was probably about five minutes. I'm finally calling Todd to inform him that I've lost his youngest child when I think to look in the van. There she sits happy as a lark putting on sun screen. If I told you all the things going through my mind at this point, let's just say it wouldn't be pretty.

Aubrie Ann is a great joy in our lives and things literally just roll right off of her - a trait she did NOT get from me or Todd. This she got from my dad and my sister Mary. It is also amazing how much she looked like my dad when she was a baby. She also looks a lot like my nephew (Mary's son) Judah. Strange, huh?

I know every parent must feel this way about each of their children, but we simply cannot imagine life without our Aubrie. We were at the "should we really be crazy and have a third child" crux in our lives, and we were trying to figure out if that would push me over the edge, and if we knew just how much fun this little one was going to be, there would have been no discussion. Happy third birthday sweet girl!

Also, important was Jessie's and Aubrie's end-of-the-year preschool program. We had a blast watching them perform their artist songs. Their last unit of the year was on famous artists, and Jessie represented Degas (He painted ballerinas.), and Aubrie represented Mary Cassatt who painted moms with their babies; she also painted ladies with hats on. Hence the outfits.

Jessie graduated and looked MUCH too mature in her cap and gown to suit me. We may have to follow through with our threats to put bricks on their heads.