Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Little Break

I know, this is already pretty obvious. But I've realized that trying to still do school (long story, but basically we postponed school a while last fall while we were trying to sell the house and Todd was already in TX) and do summer stuff too is very overwhelming. I think so that I don't feel bad about not blogging, I'm just going to declare a blogging vacation and pick things back up in the fall. I'm still on Facebook, and it doesn't seem as overwhelming so I'll keep checking in there.

Something random - after a bazillion days our computer was ready this last Monday except that no one called us. I really think I'm in the Twilight Zone sometimes. Anyway, unless something really bazaar happens, I'll be able to pick it up this coming Monday and get caught up on so many things that have been nagging the back of my mind.