Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lips and Toes, Toes and Lips

I have a confession. For the last few days my lips and toes have matched. I know, the mind reels.

For those who know me best, they understand that matching has never been a big thing for me. In fact, I prefer to call myself a blender. I don't like matched sets in many of life's categories. I think it's the rebel in me. We have one matched set of furniture in our entire house. Nothing in our living room is a set, dining room, etc. You get the picture. We don't even have matching bedside tables.

In college this was a source of at least slight frustration to several of my friends who believed that clothes should actually, well, match. The pinacle of their frustration had to be one of my favorite "put together outfits" which included several lovely shades of winter white with my favorite tan shoes. I loved mixing all those wonderful neutral colors together.

Anyway, back to my toes and lips. I remember the days of looking at my grandmother's Avon catalogue and wondering if there were really any people in the world who bought the coordinated sets of lipstick and fingernail polish. I don't still don't know if there are, but I do know that, entirely by accident, I stumbled into this arena. I've worn a shade of lipstick that I love for the past few months - a beautiful bronze. Well, Thursday, I was looking for a shade of polish for my very bare looking winter toes. (Spring is right around the corner...) Anyway, picked one out, came home and just before bed had a second to paint the scary toes. The next morning I put on some lipstick, looked down at my toes - Oh my gosh! It's happened. I match.

I really don't know what to do with myself now.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Cough

Emma's favorite phrase this week is "the cough."

"Daddy, you don't need to eat after me because I've got 'the cough.'"

"Mommy, can I call Nanny to tell her I've got 'the cough'?"

"I need some medicine because I've got 'the cough.'"

I'm not sure where she picked this up, why she doesn't say "a cough," but I got a little mileage out of it this morning pointing to Todd's people who occasionally say "the WalMarts." I smile on the inside...

He quickly suggested that it was just a southern thing, but I don't think so. It definitely comes from his people.

Gotta run because the girl with "the cough" is wanting my attention.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Strange Peace and Quiet in the House

All three of our girls are at Todd's parents' house tonight, and it is oddly quiet around here. Todd is enjoying hollering at me from across the house since there is no one to wake up. We also sat in our living room, ate on the floor and watched TV at full volume...oh, the luxury! It's the simple things, right?

We're taking advantage of the time to fill out more Mission Board paperwork since we don't get many chunks of time like this one. :-)