Monday, March 8, 2010

The Summer Olympics?

Today for our history lesson we studied the beginnings and history of the Olympics.  The girls were really excited about this because what little Olympics we watched this winter, they were really into.  (I know that’s really bad grammar but too much in a hurry to fix it!)  I won’t even go into how frustrating it was to close on a house the day the Olympics started and the fact that once we were pseudo settled, we didn’t have a converter box to pick up any channels.  Okay, so I sort of went into it, but you gotta feel some of my pain.  And, I realize I sound like a complete whiner, but it’s the Olympics, people!

So something I didn’t know that was surprising: The last Greek Olympics were in A.D. 395 because Olympia was destroyed by an earthquake.  They weren’t reinstated until the late 1800s.  Am I the only one who missed this is my history classes?  I just assumed they’d been going on since the Greek time.  Maybe I shouldn’t publicly admit that…

We went back to the “roots” of the games and had five competitions: a foot race, arm wrestling (The Greeks just wrestled, but I figured this was safer.), jumping, discus (plastic lid throwing)  and throwing the javelin (or a really big stick).  I captured some of competitions and just love the very competitive looks on my girls’ faces.  If you know them, this won’t surprise you a bit.  They are very tenacious girls.  Very feminine, but very determined.

Olympics 102

Notice Aubrie lost in Aubrie-land.

Olympics 118

Here’s some of that determination in action!

Olympics 129

Olympics 130

Olympics 143

Olympics 153

Olympics 156

The Winner’s Circle

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Sun Shines Again

So glad that the sun decided to make a lengthy appearance today! We thoroughly took advantage of such beautiful weather. We played with friends, came home to rest a little and played some more! I am loving that the girls are enjoying the back yard and have discovered all sorts of fun hiding places. I have a little chuckle every time I hear, “Ready or not, here I come!”

As a matter of fact, they’ve become rather good at hiding inside the house as well, and they had me completely stumped the other day. I was beginning to wonder if they had slipped outside. I’m still not sure how I didn’t see them in the laundry room. It’s not that big, and I LOOKED in there!

We had a really great week of homeschooling and basically stayed on-schedule which is a MAJOR feat for us. Seems like life is always interrupting our schedule. The other big news for the week is that our heater was fixed today! Oh, how I love heat when it’s cold outside. I had taken to moving the space heater to whatever room we were in. So thankful for our home warranty, too. I was trying not to complain when people were asking me how I was liking our new house because I really do love it, but I HATE being cold. Every now and then I over romanticize the Little House on the Prairie days, and then I remember that Laura did NOT have central heat and air and come back to reality!