Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You Know It’s Bad When

your dad is asking you to update your blog because he misses his grandkids.

So Sorry!

The two major happening in the Williams fam are the puppy and our square foot garden.  The puppy is DEFINITELY more work!  Her name is Brown Sugar – Sugar, for short.  She is super smart and just about potty trained inside.  I know I am very thankful for this.  We’ve had her about a week-and-a-half, and I was up with her more the first two nights than I was when we had babies in the house.  Ugh.  Those nights are much better now, although she still thinks that 3 am is a good time for a party.  I do not.

IMG_4634  IMG_4632

Our other new endeavor is the garden.  We, a.k.a Todd, built two 4x8 beds complete with weed backing and Mel’s Mix from the book Square Foot Gardening.  So far, things are taking off.  I need to take some new pictures, actually, because the tomato plants are much taller now.  The girls have pretty much taken over this project, watering every day and picking weeds.  We can’t wait to start eating out of our own back yard!

 IMG_4591 IMG_4596 IMG_4612