Thursday, February 10, 2011

Keeping It Alive. . . Barely

So, after another protest from my dad, I've returned to blog world. I really do love this world, but, honestly, I have not had the time to read blogs or maintain my own. Have they made a camera that can "beam" your pictures to the computer w/o having to plug it in. every. time? Call me lazy, but the hassle of getting pics to my computer and then uploading them to the blog is just too much for me. Facebook is quicker, but I can't remember the last time I uploaded a picture there either. Anyway, that's my excuse for having a pictureless, boring blog. When I actually blog, that is.

So, the girls are resting, my hair is in a towel, and I'm snagging a brief moment to update the handful of blog readers that stroll this way. Just be prepared for random. . .

For those not on Facebook or for those who just missed it, we are expecting bambino numero 4 this summer sometime mid-July. And, it's a boy. Who would have guessed that? The girls are thrilled, and already we have folks offering to give us little boy clothes. Can I just say that it looks a lot easier to clothe a boy than it does a girl? Shirts, pants and some shoes, and you're set. Oh, that it were that easy in girl-world.

We had a snow day, of sorts, today. We had some sleet yesterday evening and later, some snow which miraculously stuck and was still there this morning. So, Todd encouraged me to let the girls play in it before it melted. (Can I just say that it is STILL there - hardly any melting yet.) So, being the generally agreeable person that I am, I let them go out right after breakfast. After and hour or so of the in-and-out, "I'm cold," drying wet cold things to only go back outside to get wet and cold again, they were in for the morning.

Well, since things were already off-track, we decided to clean the mess that was our home a bit. The bit turned into an hour or so. Then, of course, we had to have hot chocolate. The temp. as I type at three o'clock is 25 degrees, and temps like that require warm sweet drinks. After hot chocolate is finished, it's just about time for lunch. Still no school done. At all. Grrrr. So, lunch is served.

I have to digress just a moment to express my excitement at fixing poached eggs for the first time ever for our lunch. We had a very light eggs Benedict - minus the Canadian bacon and hollandaise sauce. Anyway, my mom had always had an insert that fit into one of her pans for making poached eggs so I had to muster up some bravery to try these suckers on my own. Have to say it was really fun and yummy.

So, after lunch, on to school. Finally. We just attempted our group school which consists of our memory verse, Bible reading and astronomy. Did you know that there was an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter? Well, I'm sure I'd been taught this before, but it sure did pass right by me. There's even a theory that the belt was previously a planet that exploded. This would also account for planets and moons that have craters on one side but relatively none on the other. Well, I was impressed anyway.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I heart you, Dee Dee. I'm so excited for baby #4 and sooooooo happy you get to experience a boy!!! :)

Claire said...

Dee Dee, I had no idea you were pregnant!!! Congrats...that is so awesome....and a boy at that. :-) My friend has a little boy and I must admit that we both are jealous of all the cute little girl clothes. They just don't make that much cuteness for boys. Oh, well...I guess they just get it dirty anyway. :-)

Dee Dee said...

Thanks, Mer! I may be sending out lots of SOS signals as the months/years roll by. Just be ready!

Claire, I've noticed that boy clothes are not as cute, but I'm telling you what, I am truly looking forward to some simplicity around here. :-)