Sunday, January 1, 2012

Crazy Grace

Just a thought for this post that Todd, the girls and I have been discussing lately.  In the life of the believer is there any bad?  We're coming to the conclusion that there cannot be.  There can be painful, difficult, heart-wrenchingly sad, unexplainable, but if God knows our frame (Psalm 103:14), and we "love Him and are called according to His purpose," (Romans 8:28) then it truly is all good.  Everything He allows into our lives is for our good and His glory, and in that discovery I'm realizing how crazy His grace is.  He is hunting me down with His grace so that I will stop doing things in my own strength and quit doing what is right in my own eyes (Proverbs 21:2) and truly rest in Him.  I'm praying that anyone touched by this blog will have their eyes opened to His crazy grace.  (Isaiah 35:5)


bla said...

Thank you. I am touched. I am coming to find the same thing.

Dee Dee said...

I'm so glad! Sometimes I really struggle against this truth and am not ready to submit to the Father's plan, but that just causes me so much stress. Wish that faith and belief were my reflex reactions.

AJ Stiltner said...

I miss ya'll! could you please update? i need recent pictures!