Monday, June 28, 2010

Backyard Summer Fun

When we can stand the heat, we have really enjoyed our backyard so far this summer.  The garden is growing, and we’re figuring out what to plant next spring and what not to plant.  Also finding out that the planting dates really do matter as you can tell by our sad cabbage that just didn’t make a head because of the heat.   We’ve got LOTS of tomatoes, cucumbers have been pretty good, and the squash and zucchini have been fair.  They started out pretty well, and then got some kind of disease.  So, some fruit makes, and some falls off the plant after it shrivels up and dies.

The most fun garden news is that we FINALLY have a watermelon that just might be large enough to eat on the 4th.  We thought we were going to have all vine and no fruit, but those suckers grow fast once they appear.

fun in backyard

The girls got swings from Nan and Pops and cannot wait to go outside in the morning to get on them.  We have the typical arguments about sharing swings and whose swing is the most fun.  I think the basic, standard, plain ol’ swing gets the most use! 

more fun (2)more fun (3) more fun 

The weathermen say that we may get a reprieve from the heat this week, and I say, “Bring it on!”  We survived a record heat summer in TX last year, and I was so looking forward to the milder (about 5-10 degrees milder) summer temps in MS.  I’ll gladly take some extra humidity for the cooler temps.

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