Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fun in Vicksburg

While driving past the Civil War Military Park in Vicksburg two weeks ago (actually three weeks ago now since I forgot to post this), I commented to Todd how sad it was that no one had ever taken me to see it.  He was surprised to realize that I had never been (We both love history.) and made a plan for us to drive through it that day.  We didn’t have much time, but your entry pass is good for seven days.  So, we did the zip-through tour, and the girls and I made a plan to come back the next week when we could soak it all in. 

Can I just say that I NEVER thought I would run into anyone who wanted to see it all at a museum, park, what-have-you more than me, but our girls gave me a run for my money.  I was like, “Let’s just stop at the major tour stops.”  Seriously, we could have been there all day.  Or several days. 

military park (3)military parkmilitary park (2)

After our tour, we cooled off (Again, I will whine about the heat.) at the Vicksburg art park.  So much fun, and I did not mind getting splashed occasionally.  Not one bit. 

water parkwater park (2)water park (3)

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

we should visit the smithsonian together sometime. or the louvre. pretty sure my family would opt for the honk and wave pass, while i'd be wishing to examine all the minutia. i need a friend who would want to examine it with me. sounds like you're THE ONE!

love your pics and so glad you got to experience that. john and i went to vicksburg years ago. i thought it was gorgeous. loved the antebellum homes!